For a long time the contrabass has been my main instrument. I got my master degree as a jazz bass player at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in 2006.

I have always liked to play different styles and different settings. I love the sound of the bass, and the supportive role in an ensemble,  a groovy foundation for the music.

here are some video’s where you can see me play in some different contexts:

Gizmo is a band of the fantastic piano player Edwin Berg. This video is a live concert where we played ‘the power of now’  a piece with a quite interesting groove; both in 5 and 4 simultaneously!

With my bass friends Stijn de Wit and Michael von Villiez we formed a bass trio ‘how low can you go’ . In this video we present some of the pieces we have been doing: classical, funk, jazz.

I have always liked to play music from different cultural traditions. In this video we play Persian music with the Babak Maddah group.

One of my favorite projects while I lived in Amsterdam was the trio ‘Big Grin’ . here a song of our CD is used for a still movie by Martin Pluimers: