For a long time the contrabass has been my main instrument. I got my master degree as a jazz bass player at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in 2006.

I have always liked to play different styles and different settings. I love the sound of the bass, and the supportive role in an ensemble,  a groovy foundation for the music.

here are some video’s where you can see me play in some different contexts:

Gizmo is a band of the fantastic piano player Edwin Berg. This video is a live concert where we played ‘the power of now’  a piece with a quite interesting groove; both in 5 and 4 simultaneously!

With my bass friends Stijn de Wit and Michael von Villiez we formed a bass trio ‘how low can you go’ . In this video we present some of the pieces we have been doing: classical, funk, jazz.

I enjoy playing music from different cultural traditions. It connects you to the world, and connects you to woderful people, and it is most of all fun! In this video we play Persian music with the Babak Maddah group.

One of my favorite projects while I lived in Amsterdam was the trio ‘Big Grin’ . here a song of our CD is used for a still movie by Martin Pluimers:


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